How to claim PPI directly with the banks - Its easy!

Claim (complain) yourself directly with the banks, finance firm or insurance company. Its easy to do and from my experience they were all very helpfull. PPI claim companys take a large percentage of your money, my advice... claim direct! is for sale and domain names are for sale contact gareth at

Step 1 - Figure out who you have taken out PPI with

Check you loan or insurance agrements to see if PPI was taken out. If you havn't got your orginal finance or PPI agrement (like me), don't wory, get in touch with the bank. All the banks PPI contact details are listed for you. I found it easier and quicker to ring them and speak to them.

The banks confirmed verbally over the phone there and then with me wether I had taken out PPI insurance. There was even a nice supprise for me, they told me about a loan from 10 years ago which i didn't even remember and i had taken out PPI.

Step 2 - Complain directly using a standard form

After you have got in contact with the banks, they will send the Financial Ombudsman's standardised the PPI complaint form called "PPI consumer questionaire". My PPI clomplaint forms arived with some information already filled in like their complaint reference number, they were also kind enough to send pre-paid postage envelope to return my PPI complaint.

Be clear of your reasons for PPI complaint, some examples:

Made to feel I had to have PPI

Did not know I had taken out the PPI

Illegible to claim, for example if self-employed or over 65 years of age

No sign of the word optional against the PPI amount on the credit agreement

No where did it say interest would be added to the PPI

No total amount payable was given for the PPI amount

Step 3 - Not happy with result, complain to Financial Ombudsman

The banks just want to get this sorted and out of the way, They make the decision based on a set of rules and guidlines set out by the Financial Ombudsman.

If your not happy with the outcome from the bank, finance firm or insurance company then lodge the a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman (step 3 on their page).